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Partner with us

Our youth need us all to care.  To support.  To encourage. 

To uplift. Join with us in bringing the necessary programs and supports, in order to give every youth a chance to shine.   Our partnership would mean the world to them.


Reach out if you are an organization that:

  • Supports at-risk youth

  • Wants to bring Hero’s Journey to the youth in your own community

  • Wants to fund Hero’s Journey in a community where at-risk youth live

  • Wants to share the mission and vision of Shift Happens Coaching with others

We are grateful for our partners!

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Image by Seven Shooter
Image by Brett Jordan


If you want to support at-risk youth alongside our team at Shift Happens Coaching, please reach out.  We would love to have you join our volunteer team.


We have a number of volunteer positions, including:

  • Social Media Content Creator

  • Treasurer, Board of Directors

  • Fundraising

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