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At Shift Happens Coaching, we provide leading edge, scientifically informed Life Coaching that is at the highest level.  Our youth deserve the very best.


Our team of coaches is professionally trained and certified, and highly experienced in the field of Life Coaching.  We have over 80 years of combined experience in youth development. And each coach brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various modalities, including addiction, neuroscience, ADHD, conflict resolution, and anger management. 

This diverse skill set enables us to tailor our coaching approach to the unique needs and challenges faced by each young person we work with.

We are members of the International Coaches Federation, which provides a strong foundation of best practices and ethics, as well as accreditation, and ongoing training. Furthermore, we have achieved advanced coaches training in neuroscience through the organization, Be Above.  

“I learned how to value myself, and respect others and that difference is ok. I also love the Shift check. I learned a variety of things today but one, out of all things I learned was that it’s good to open up to other people.”


Our Mission

What we do

We create opportunities for mental well-being and personal growth among high-priority,  under-resourced, diverse communities through the education system. 

Skills for life

Empowering youth to navigate life's challenges through emotional intelligence (self-regulation), relationship skills, and tools for positive impact. 

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Our Vision

We recognize the value in every youth and empower them to claim their voice, ignite their brilliance and make a positive impact in their world.

Our Program

Learn more about our program at Shift Happens.

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