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 Empowering youth. 

 Changing lives. 

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Empowering youth to claim their value, their voice and their future through life coaching

All it takes is a shift.  A shift in confidence.  A shift in purpose.  A shift in direction.   At Shift Happens Coaching, we provide evidence-based, professional life coaching programs to youth who are under-resourced and at risk.  Our goal is to help them make a sustainable SHIFT in the way they perceive themselves, make choices, connect with their environment, and lead their life.

“Truly one of the best decisions of my life, seriously. This has integrated itself in my daily life more than you know.”


Every youth deserves to


Youth encounter barriers to success every day. The world is a complex place to navigate, with the negative impacts of social media on mental health, bullying at school and online, and fewer supports at home due to overworked caregivers.  As such, rates of depression & anxiety among youth have skyrocketed. 


Now more than ever, youth need the skills and tools to cope and to thrive.  Shift Happens Coaching creates a space for at-risk youth to experience personal growth, define a vision, and find deeper fulfillment, which ultimately shifts the direction of their lives forever.

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Our Program: Hero's Journey

Our Hero's Journey program takes youth on a path of self-discovery, to overcome limiting perspectives and help them move forward in their lives in a more productive and positive way. 

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Our Coaches

Shift Happens Coaching coaching programs empower youth and give them the tools that will lead to personal growth, vision, and fulfillment, which ultimately shifts the direction of their lives forever.

Our Partners


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